The Center for Art Conservation serves non-profit institutions such as museums, archives, historical societies, and libraries. CAC also works with art galleries, framers, dealers in fine art and antiquities, private collectors, corporate clients, insurance agencies, and disaster salvage companies, as well as the general public.

Before beginning any conservation treatment, the item(s) must first be examined and tested to determine the appropriate course of treatment. CAC provides clients with a comprehensive condition report and conservation treatment proposal. This includes a general condition assessment, an outline of recommended conservation procedures, and a cost estimate. Conservation treatment recommendations are based on various factors, including the condition of the item, the predicted success of the treatment, and how the item will be used or stored following conservation.

Our services include:

  • Examination, testing, and analysis of objects for repair
  • Identification of media, paper manufacture, and printmaking techniques
  • Documentation, including condition assessments, treatment proposals, and cost estimates
  • Dry cleaning of dirt and dust
  • Mold remediation
  • Flattening of warped and rolled papers
  • Washing to remove discoloration and reduce acidity in paper
  • Removal of past repairs, poor quality linings and backings
  • Reduction of stains
  • Mending of tears, punctures, and losses
  • Backing of deteriorated or fragmented artifacts for support and consolidation
  • Inpainting for pigment loss
  • Construction of archival housings for storage of artifacts
  • Collections care and maintenance recommendations
  • Written guidelines for storage, exhibition and handling
  • On site surveys, assessments, and consultations
  • Lectures and workshops
  • Telephone consultations and general preservation advice
  • Professional referrals for matting and framing services, digitization services, and the conservation of non-paper based materials

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